Our Purveyors

Amani Soaps- Decatur, GA

Right now we are featuring their Earl Grey Soy Candle in "Welcome Home". Peggy makes all of her products by hand in small batches in her workshop in Decatur. We love all the incredible scents she has and the care she takes in creating her products and can't wait to feature more of them! Find out more about her here.

Beautiful Briny Sea- Atlanta, GA

You can find their Magic Unicorn Salt in "Chef's Dream". Beautiful Briny Sea started in 2011 in Old Fourth Ward and creates amazing small batch salt blends, sugar blends, and sprinkles! They are a must for any kitchen! Find our more about them here

Cloudland Coffee Co- Atlanta, GA

Experience their Ethiopia blend in "Good Morning Atlanta". We love the mission of Cloudland Coffee, Savor Sustain Smile. They are a small batched coffee roaster focused on high quality, sustainably grown coffee. Read more about them and check out other blends here.

Doux South Pickles- Atlanta, GA

We are currently featuring three products from Doux South! Try their Angry Cukes in "Salty, Sweet, and Spicy Snacks", Drunken Mustard in "Charcuterie Lover", and Honey Mustard in "Chef's Dream". We love the care they take in using the freshest, natural ingredients and the creativity in all their products. Find more products and recipes here.

Emily G's- Dunwoody, GA

Right now you can enjoy Emily G's Triple Berry Jam in both "Welcome Home" and "Good Morning Atlanta" or try something with a little kick, their Jalapeno Raspberry Jam in "Charcuterie Lover". We love to experiment with their jams in our food and cocktails! Find recipes and cheese pairings here

Fox Bros BBQ- Atlanta, GA

When someone is visiting Atlanta and asks where to eat, you'll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't recommend Fox Bros. What started as a backyard gathering has turned into one of Atlanta's most recognizable and loved foods. We love the community support that has always surrounded Fox Bros and are excited to share their flavors with you! You can try both their original BBQ sauce and BBQ rub in "Chef's Dream". Read more about their story here.

Georgia Sourdough Co- Atlanta, GA

Right now we are featuring their Cheese Crackers in "Salty, Sweet, and Spicy Snacks" and their Everything Crackers in "Charcuterie Lover". Tracy Gribbon uses all organic and natural ingredients from local farmers and we love the rustic handmade quality of her crackers. Find out more here.

Georgia Olive Farms- Lakeland, GA

We said we only source OTP when it's worth it, and wow is this worth it. We love that they have resurrected olive oil production in Georgia and you can taste the quality and care that goes into making their oil. You can try their Chef's Blend in "Chef's Dream". Read more about how they make their Extra Virgin Olive Oil here.

H&F Bread Co- Atlanta, GA

H&F is another must have in Atlanta. You'll find their breads in some of the best restaurants in Atlanta and for good reason! Try their Buttermilk Biscuit Mix in both "Good Morning Atlanta" and "Welcome Home". They've also partnered with Zac Brown for Remedy Bakeshop and have created incredible soft baked cookies. Try them in both "Welcome Home" and "Salty, Sweet, and Spicy Snacks". You really won't believe that these cookies have no gluten, dairy, or eggs... they are a game changer! See more products here.

High Cotton Cashews- Sandy Springs, GA

Lisa started making cashews as thank you gifts and quickly realized she had something special! We know you won't be able to stop from snacking on them! We love her Herb n' Nuts as a complement in "Charcuterie Lover" and her Sugar and Spice in "Salty, Sweet, and Spicy Snacks". Check out more about her here.

Honey Next Door- Atlanta, GA

Owner Brandon Tai has been rescuing unwanted hives and relocating them to gardens in Atlanta. We love that this honey is truly local and you know exactly where it comes from. Right now you can try their Creamed Honey in "Good Morning Atlanta". Read more about Brandon and his mission here.

Hopes Salsa- Atlanta, GA

Right now we are featuring their Salsa Verde in "Salty, Sweet, and Spicy Snacks" as well as "Chef's Dream". We love the small batch, sustainable quality of this salsa and know it will quickly become a favorite of yours! We love the hustle and passion Manny and James have for their product and can't wait to see what they come up with next! Find out more here.

Just Add Honey Tea Company- Atlanta, GA

Currently, we feature their Awake blend in "Good Morning Atlanta". You can try any number of their amazing, fresh, and flavorful teas at their cafe in Sweet Auburn Market. We love how light and refreshing their blends are and that you can really tell this is their passion. Find more flavors here.

Natty Michele Paperie- Athens, GA

Right now you can find Natalie's Atlanta Skyline Mug in "Good Morning Atlanta" or her Atlanta Map Flour Sack Towel in "Welcome Home". For the past few years, I've been looking to Natalie for everything personalized Atlanta. We love that she finds the quirks of a town and integrates them into her designs. We also love Athens and the Bulldogs, so it felt right to bring her designs to our boxes. To see more of her work, visit her here.

Pickled Pink- Norcross, GA

Try their Vidalia Onion & Peach Relish in "Chef's Dream" or their Smokin' Okra in "Charcuterie Lover". Pickled Pink uses the freshest ingredients and jars everything by hand. All of their products are unique and delicious and they also support Hunter's Hotline, so that's a win/win in our book! See all their products and learn more about Hunter's Hotline here

Piedmont Provisions- Athens, GA

We first found Heather at the Piedmont Park Saturday Market and immediately fell in love with her preserves. Based in Athens, this is another well deserved trip OTP! We are currently featuring her Mango Thai Basil Preserves in "Charcuterie Lover". Find more products like shrubs, preserves, and syrups here.

Spotted Trotter- Atlanta, GA

Currently you can try their Soppressata and Bresaola in "Charcuterie Lover" and their Finnochiona in "Salty, Sweet, and Spicy Snacks". They are an Atlanta staple when it comes to crafting incredible charcuterie boards and can be found at several Atlanta restaurants. You can also visit their shop in Kirkwood to see everything they offer! Find out more about their story and products here.

Turnrow- Tyrone, GA

Right now you can try their Lavender & Oatmeal soap in "Welcome Home". We're glad to have a small family business that is female owned as part of our boxes. We look forward to including more of their body products in future boxes! To see more of their products, visit them here.

Xocolatl- Atlanta, GA

We're currently featuring two of their chocolates in our boxes. You can try their Kissing Mermaids in "Welcome Home" or their San Martin De Pangoa, Peru 70% in "Salty, Sweet, and Spicy Snacks". Xocolatl is a family owned micro-factory based in Atlanta. You can check out more flavors at their Krog Street Market Location or find out more about them here.

Zac Brown's Remedy Bakeshop- Atlanta, GA

Like we mentioned before, Zac Brown's Remedy Bakeshop is partnered with H&F to create delicious soft baked cookies that are allergen friendly. We've included one of each flavor, Chocolate Chunk, Snickerdoodle, and Cranberry Oatmeal in both "Welcome Home" and "Salty, Sweet, and Spicy Snacks". We love that there's no sacrifice in flavor or texture, allowing those with allergens such as gluten, dairy, and more to experience a cookie that actually tastes amazing! Learn more about how Remedy Bakeshop came to be and Camp Southern Ground here.